Statement of Purpose

The Concerned Archivists Alliance is a group of information professionals, paraprofessionals, and information science students, committed to freedom of information, the protection of privacy rights, and to holding public officials accountable for their actions. We believe that a democratic society cannot thrive in an atmosphere of secrecy and oppression.

To promote a free and open democratic society, we pledge to

  • Work to help ensure the creation, preservation, and accessibility of the records documenting our societies in all of their cultural complexity;
  • Promote awareness of public records laws and regulations and potential threats to those laws, including willful gaps made in the public record;
  • Provide information, resources, and support to our colleagues, so that they may not feel alone in the ongoing struggle to preserve and express our democratic values; and
  • Speak out as a professional community against federal, state or local government policies that negatively impact democracy or social justice.

The Concerned Archivists Alliance is a voluntary association. The individual members speak for themselves and collectively, not on behalf of their employers.

Draft version made available for review 2017-02-06.