Letters of Protest, Petition, and Principle

The organizers of the Concerned Archivists Alliance are sometimes given the opportunity to sign letters of protest and petition, as well as statements of principle, alongside other interest and advocacy groups. Below is a running list of such documents that we have signed on behalf of the CAA (with links if available).

If you and/or your organization have a letter or other document that would like to have us consider for a signature, please contact us!

12 July 2018. Coalition Calls for Urgent Investigation of Destruction of Records on Family Separation Crisis.
Open the Government [press release].

8 June 2018. We stand with the [György Lukács] Archive. Do you?

22 March 2018. ART and CAA Joint Letter to Congress Opposing DHS Visa Lifecycle Vetting.

16 November 2017. Coalition Letter to DHS Opposing Extreme Vetting Initiative.
Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law

18 October 2017. Coalition Letter Opposing DHS Social Media Retention.
The Center for Democracy & Technology.

10 July 2017. Coalition Letter on Law Enforcement Use of FISA Section 702.
The Constitution Project.

21 March 2017. Letter to DHS & DOJ, Data Provisions in Executive Orders.
Open the Government.